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1. What is BLACKLIST window film ?

BLACKLIST is a world class window film that is designed to meet your need in protecting yourself, your family, and friends from the ultraviolet and infrared produced by the sun. After years of research, BLACKLIST is finally able to introduce to you a product with an excellent performance and quality..

2. What are BLACKLIST main advantages ?

BLACKLIST window film is capable of blocking the heat and 90% of the ultraviolet from entering the room without reducing the amount of natural light. Hence, this product is very efficient and suitable for your car, house, office, and even yacht.

3. What is the main advantage of BLACKLIST window film compare to other product(s) or brand(s) ?

Due to its efficiency, BLACKLIST window film can help you reduce the cost of fuel or electricity by reducing the frequency and/or intensity of the Air Conditioning usage while maintaining the level of comfort in your car, house, office, and/or yacht.

4. With such efficiency, how come BLACKLIST window film’s price is quite competitive compared to other product(s) or brand(s) ?

BLACKLIST window film is produced after years of research. It is made with the highest Carbon Ceramic technology which results in a product that can guarantee customer satisfaction both in terms of its quality and its price.

5. Is there a warranty ?

Yes, there is 5 years warranty with each and every BLACKLIST window film product. Our products have also proven to last beyond 5 years term in the testing.

6. Can BLACKLIST window film scratched ?

BLACKLIST window film has passed the test and gained an International certificate of recognition of being anti-scratch.

7. Does BLACKLIST window film meet the traffic regulations ?

BLACKLIST window film has an International standard of blocking the heat and ultraviolet without reducing the amount of natural sun light entering in from all of the windows in the car. Due to its high clarity, BLACKLIST window film meet any traffic regulations in the world.

8. How do I look after and clean the BLACKLIST window film after installation ?

Cleaning the window can be done at least 3 days after installation. Do not use alcohol and/or ammonium hydroxide based solutions. Cleaning can be done only with soapy water and using clean and soft cloth.

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