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without compromising its clarity and quality, BLACKLIST window film gives your car and/or house the elegant look. BLACKLIST window film is especially designed to provide you and your car and/or house with safety, comfort and luxury.


Elegant looks, uncompromising in rejecting heat and good visibility, make you very spoiled by this product.

Black Colour
50% VLT
10% VLR
0.58% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
46% IR Rejection
38% TSER
Black Colour
39% VLT
11% VLR
0.59% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
70% IR Rejection
50% TSER
Black Colour
18% VLT
12% VLR
0.63% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
71% IR Rejection
54% TSER
Black Colour
09% VLT
Black Colour
13% VLR
0.67% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
72% IR Rejection
58% TSER


Reflective window film specially designed to provide protection, high levels of comfort and safety and displays of luxury on your cars or buildings.

Silver Colour
35% VLT
13% VLR
0.42% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
68% IR Rejection
53% TSER
Silver Black Colour
18% VLT
19% VLR
0.32% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
79% IR Rejection
60% TSER
Silver Black Colour
08% VLT
20% VLR
0.18% Shading Coef.
>99% UV Rejection
94% IR Rejection
70% TSER

VLT (Visible Light Transmission), VLR (Visible Light Reflectance), UV (Ultra Violet), IR (Infra Red), TSER (Total Solar Energy Rejection)

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